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Breaking the Growth Barriers in the Information Technology and Software Sector

There’s nothing automatic about corporate growth, particularly in the information technology industry; build it and they will come is a myth. In the real world there is either a structured, process-driven growth cycle, or stagnation–and stagnation is automatic. Inherent to growth cycles are barriers, real-world business challenges that put some software companies out of business and spur others on to break through those barriers to higher levels of success. Overcoming those barriers is the very definition of growth; when you break through a barrier, you’ve achieved growth.

You’re a software or information technology company, prosperous in 2005, which means that you have a good product, you’ve made some smart decisions and you’ve already broken through some growth barriers. You’re successful. Now what?

Any company, regardless of age or size can experience barriers to growth: if you find it hard to develop and maintain market momentum; are tied to your entrepreneurial management style and unable to scale; have reached a level of revenue or income and stagnation is settling in; or if your revenue is generated from one product, service, client, or industry, then you’re at the next growth barrier, you need to be able recognize it, and you need to prepare to cross it. This overview discusses the typical growth barriers that confront many IT and software companies, and how external consultants can be used effectively to break through those barriers.

Strategy Constrained

At this point your company or product is in the early stages of its evolution. You’ve landed a handful of key accounts, and you’re encouraged by your early success. Now you need a plan, a strategy, a concrete agenda that will move your information technology company from being a collection of talented people with a common goal, to being a team with a common goal and a battle-tested strategy for achieving that goal.

This stage is characterized by:

    o Perpetual realignment of company strategy

By delivering guidance on corporate strategy, a marketing strategy consultant may be able to help a company like yours to:

    o Define untapped solution areas
    o Make technological platform decisions
    o Select appropriate geographic markets
    o Write actionable business plans

Capital Constrained

You’ve taken your software company or product as far as you can on your savings. Or perhaps you’ve made a few key sales that have kept you afloat. In order to move your company on to the next phase of development you need an infusion of capital to hire skilled employees, make key acquisitions and fuel your growth. Technology is your specialty, not prospectus writing for venture capitalists.

This stage is characterized by:

    o Inability to fund business strategies
    o Decision-making based upon short-term cash-flow issues rather than long-term strategy

Through road-show ready business plan development and introduction to network of VCs and angel investors, a strategy consultant may be able to help a company like yours to:

    o Author compelling investment prospectuses
    o Define immediate and long-term financial requirements
    o Execute successful finance road shows

Skills Constrained

Typically a company finds themselves at this stage of development with a great product built on sound technology aimed at a particular industry, and their first round of financing secured. They also find themselves with a weak or non-existent positioning statement, a reactive product management process, exhausted or ineffective sales skills, and a strictly opportunistic business development strategy. Company growth is limited in part by the notion that the product will sell itself because it is superior to any other on the market–indeed, it may be the only offering. Revenue growth is limited because the product is defined in terms of its functionality, not its value to the customer.

The offering, and by extension the company, is still being defined by technologists; it has yet to be married with a solid business development plan, marketing or sales acumen. More worrisome is that the very success of your company has brought you to the attention of major players who do have personnel and strategies dedicated to driving you out of the market; they view you as a threat. Your days of flying under the radar are over.

This stage is characterized by:

    o An attractive market
    o A compelling product
    o Adequate financial resources
    o An inability to develop market momentum

Through sales, marketing, product management and business development acumen, a sales and marketing strategy consultant may be able to help a company like yours to:

    o Recruit and manage skilled personnel
    o Craft compelling product and company positioning
    o Create effective sales vehicles and sales strategy
    o Recruit and manage appropriate and motivated alliance partners

Process Constrained

A company at this stage of development is typically successful, no longer a start-up, is being run by a management team, has been accepted in the market, and is competitive. However, fundamental product development and sales and marketing management processes have not yet been accepted within the foundation of the corporate culture. This means that the solution to most situations are human-based, usually hand-crafted by the management team; the foundation of proven processes is absent.

This stage is characterized by:

    o Market acceptance
    o Ability to compete with established players
    o All actions are hand-crafted, typically by the senior management team

By introducing repeatable, best-of-breed processes for sales, marketing and product management, a sales and marketing strategy consultant may help a company like yours to:

    o Introduce effective and repeatable product management, marketing and sales processes
    o Reduce day-to-day reliance on senior management resources

Innovation Constrained

Organizations at this stage of development have achieved a great deal of success; processes are ingrained, product development is streamlined, and sales and marketing systems are in place. But by definition the market keeps shifting: your product is being eclipsed by younger companies with products that perhaps even capitalize on your R&D and experience; your market may be saturated to the point that the double-digit growth rates your investors have come to take for granted are a thing of the past. You need a new product or a new market or both.

This stage is characterized by:

    o The management team no longer involved in all decisions
    o Stagnation beginning to creep in with respect to products and markets

By introducing fresh thinking about new markets, products, and channels, a business strategy consultant may be able to help a company like yours to:

    o Author innovative channel strategies
    o Leverage existing products into new vertical and geographic markets
    o Capture requirements for nascent product lines
    o Embrace change as the source of competitive advantage

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World-wide-web Cams History And Improvement

The initial website cam strategy was figured out for function potential as early as 1991 when the primary model of what we know as website cams right now was pointed at the Trojan room espresso pot in a Cambridge College pc science section. Of class, this historical minor question is not archived for posterity simply because it grew out-capable to collaborate even when in distinctive rooms or halfway all over the earth with the World wide web remaining their connection issue website conferencing application right now makes use of options of audio, text or movie for communicating. At occasions these scorching options of blended audio, movie and text can occur in actual time, but are dependent on the kind of website conferencing procedure remaining employed.

It is the intelligent suppliers of website conferring resources and application that come to the assist of sophisticated tech-pushed small business individuals and industries needing the added-on options to increase the output of a website conferencing procedure that has built a variation to the vital to website conferencing right now. Latest website conferencing application performs on the rules of which include extra elements of communicating back and forth as if utilizing a movie mobile phone procedure as it utilizes various sorts of collaborative systems to increase digital meetings cross-features. Some of these numerous utility options enabled by sophisticated know-how improvement teams engaged in improving upon the lot of website conferencing application plans now contains options for co-browsing of the World wide web, text messaging, purposes and file sharing, together with desktop sharing, although the old-favorite PowerPoint displays continue to shares a scorching seat. Inclusion of White boards, surveying, assembly rooms or private URLs, storing, recording and replay capabilities with provisions for scheduling plans are between the most current website conferencing application enhancements.

Aerospace Engineering

Cyberspace: Wherever Did the Phrase Occur From and What Does It Mean?

Rarely does a working day go by that we don’t occur throughout the preface “Cyber.” We hear it in dialogue, on Television and radio. We see it in print. Irrespective of the source, we generally are likely to believe of the phrase as acquiring some relation to desktops and the World wide web.

Cyberspace is recognized in my Word spell-checker, but cyberstudy is not. And to more cloud the challenge, cyber is usually used a one word, i.e. cyber criminal offense, cyber intelligence. As time passes, what we after used as two words and phrases are now usually merged into just one. “Internet site” is now recognized as a one word in the Linked Press (AP) Style Guide (the guidebook for journalists).

Right after a prolonged lookup of far more than a dozen internet sites for a definition of cyber and cyberspace, this is what I observed:

· 3 various boards had subscribers say it stood for pc intercourse (we know where they are coming from).

· Webopedia: A metaphor for describing the non-actual physical terrain created by pc devices. On-line devices, for case in point, develop a cyberspace within which people can converse…

· Wikipedia: Cyberspace is the electronic medium of pc networks, in which on the web interaction takes spot.

· And some imagine the phrase cybernetics, and in individual “cyber” derives from the Greek for steersman, rudder, or pilot. Cybernetics is a phrase that referred to electronic interaction and control science.

· The phrase cyberspace even appears on web-site.

Indeed…I do have greater matters to do, but considering that I have been operating on a collection of articles about electronic detectives, I questioned how a prosecution witness would determine cyberspace or cybercrime if it was used during testimony.

In recent Television news broadcasts I heard associates from the NSA, Homeland Protection and the army express their beliefs that the biggest risk to the U.S. is not a terrorist assault. These officials imagine that cyberspace will be the suggests whereby villains cross into our boundaries…by way of the World wide web.

Statistics reveal that our federal government professional over 41,000 cyberattacks in 2010, and these are the types they were being equipped to detect. They spent shut to $twelve billion on Information Engineering (IT) stability that year-most of which protected employee salaries and positive aspects.

Identity theft is a escalating dilemma. Chances are you have professional it by yourself or know anyone who has. In my situation I recovered a voicemail concept from our dwelling phone just one Sunday afternoon. We were being questioned to connect with our bank’s credit score card fraud device. They confirmed that we used our credit score card to pay for meal on a Friday night (in Raleigh, NC), and the future working day our card built a quantity of buys in Palm Seashore, FL. The buys continued by way of Sunday till the card was maxed out.

Much more a short while ago, I gained an Email from Fb stability (indeed, they truly have a stability office). They questioned if I had built posts on my webpage that morning. I had not. It appears to be that some chap in a Russian province (which I cannot pronounce, let by yourself spell) had been making use of my account.

Indeed, regulation enforcement has built outstanding strides in the investigation of cybercrime. But will this avoid it? No it is not going to. IT stability gurus explain to us that over 800 million personal documents have been stolen by hackers over the recent previous. And irrespective of the most complicated, hi-tech stability program out there, some cybercreep will sooner or later hack into it. Cyber forensics grew out of the screaming demand for better regulation enforcement involvement in cybercrime. Today several organizations have created units that offer with this on the web mayhem, and several far more are gearing up for it. The trouble is that these pc experts may possibly never see the light-weight at the finish of tunnel called cyberspace.