Is a Tech Buy Recommended? You Bet!

Even with the U.S. economy’s growth going too slow for comfort, market analysts are saying that a tech buy would be a good idea for investors right about now. It is an interesting concept to see the Wall Street boys hedging their bets on pronouncing the economy as stable. They say that we are now only seeing a tentative recovery, and that the United States could still be facing a double-dip into recession once again.

What makes this interesting is that no matter how pessimistic their outlook is, they are still being bullish about tech futures. In fact, most of the analysts who were interviewed recently say that no matter how much the investors are divided on where to put their money into, doing a tech buy would be a safe decision either way.

A chief advisor at one of the top investment firms says that the technology sector does have a lot of money right now, so it is in a good position to take advantage of any changes and shifts in the market if the U.S. economy continues its growth. If not, the sector is a bit less affected by the credit issues that come with the recession, compared to other industries.

The bottom line is, a lot of mergers and acquisitions will happen either way, and a tech buy at this time would only stand to earn substantial gains for buyers. Analysts agree that with the uncertainty of the nation’s economic recovery still being an issue, tech stocks would be the safest place nowadays to “garage their money”.

Fast money traders singled out some tech giants like Google as a safe but exciting buying opportunity. But I have used in the past and plan to use in the future, small cap tech stocks. I have found that is where the money is time and time again.

Investors can even take advantage of the boom in security-related technology. An increasing concern over terrorism over the past several years has resulted in a boost for tech stocks that are related to surveillance equipment, among other things. The average person in the huge metropolitan areas can be sure that he or she is being photographed or videotaped at least 100 times a day on different occasions.

Therefore, companies that focus on security tech products stand to earn even more this year, so the wise investor would grab the chance to go along for the ride. The PC market, along with licensed software, is also expected to do a comeback, now that there is finally a better replacement to the Windows line. Doing a tech buy seems to be the only thing to do right now, and Wall Street would agree.

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